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Shithole Countries: Argentina

An 11-Year-Old in Argentina Was Raped. A Hospital Denied Her an Abortion.


The 11-year-old made her wishes clear: She wanted to end the pregnancy that resulted from a rape at the hands of her grandmother’s boyfriend.

“I want you to remove what the old man put inside me,” the girl told doctors, according to her lawyers.

The law was on her side; rape is among the few instances in which females in Argentina may legally have an abortion.

But authorities in her northern province stalled for weeks, forcing the girl to have a C-section on Wednesday, delivering a baby who experts say is unlikely to survive. The case has reignited a fierce debate over reproductive rights in Argentina, which last year came close to legalizing abortion for pregnancies up to 14 weeks. (© Daniel Politi / The New York Times)

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1 Comment

Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen
Jul 02, 2023

Girls become women at puberty. Life begins at conception.

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