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This is f*cking America

3 incidents within a few days that show how racist the US is.

1) Doctor films exchange with bullying cop. Bodycam footage shows a member of the Aurora Police Department in Colorado pointing his weapon at a doctor in an office building parking lot.

2) Another vivid illustration of a rising tide of racist abuse against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The CEO of tech company Solid8, Michael Lofthouse, was kicked out by a waitress.

3) A black civil rights campaigner says he was the victim of an 'attempted lynching' by a group of white men and 'would be a hashtag' had friends not intervened during the incident at a southern Indiana lake. Vauhxx Booker, who is a member of the Monroe county human rights commission, said the men pinned him against a tree, shouted racial slurs and one of them threatened to 'get a noose' at Monroe Lake near Bloomington over the Fourth of July weekend. 

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