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Read the statement of Reuben Browning on Twitter (Nov 5, 2019)

"I am so very thankful and blessed to harvest this WV Mountain Monarch!!!! 17 scorable points and 9.5 years old... and my bro Cole rough gross scored him last night at 179”and change. I am still reflecting on it all, and have not wrapped my head around it yet....but I look forward to sharing this story because it means so much me, mostly because of the people involved through it all. So much has happened over the years, truly incredible! I have a couple really cool tactics I learned chasing him that I have never heard before that I will share in the story. Even after 31 years of archery hunting.. I am still being educated by these wise old mountain bucks! I want to thank everyone of my brothers and sisters that I share the outdoors with for being there to share the journey with... and I thank God, for placing in me the passion to be a hunter and outdoorsmen, and for his beautiful creation that I am blessed to encounter... because it is there I see him the clearest."

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